The Night Shift Nurse Network
The Night Shift Nurse Network
Ashleigh Small : Mentor

Welcome to The Night Shift Nurse Network

Because night shift nurses deserve to set up and live a realistic function-&-feel-good lifestyle!

About Me

Hey fRNd! I’m Ashleigh! I’m a NICU nurse by night and that night shift nurse mentor by day. Over the past 8 years on night shift, I’ve learned so much about how shift work can negatively affect us when we DO NOT have the right schedule set-up in place to protect our quality of life. This is why I created my Flip the Shift Method and Mentorship opportunities- to help exhausted night shift nurses rescue their time and energy, plus balance day time life with their night shift schedule WITHOUT sacrificing sleep. Our not-so-normal schedules make us feel hungover and left out. We can flip the shift on our mindset and make changes to our routines in order to live & maintain the life we’ve been missing!

Will you ditch the hangover for the happy hour with me? 


This network will get:

CONNECTION:  meet other night shift nurses- locally, nationally, in your specialty area, hospital system, etc

SUPPORT: get the guidance and pep talks you may need when you are just trying to get through your next shift, make a change to your routine, and more

RESOURCES: free tools and education you can use to balance your schedule to bounce back and prevent burnout to enjoy your day time life with a night time schedule

Plus...get access to me and some free mentorship opportunities through live Zoom calls and speaker series.

What are you waiting for? The network is FREE.

Catch you on the Flip Side! ✌🏼